Yeoville Park

Johannesburg, South Africa
City of Johannesburg
ZAR 300 000
with Brenden Gray, The Trinity Session

Forming part of a cluster of recreational and civic amenities, the park’s upgrade focused on greater flexibility in use and its relationship to the immediate surroundings stimulating engagement and appropriation. It was a participatory public art project in collaboration with artist Brendan Grey. Based in Yeoville, a suburb on the eastern edge of Johannesburg’s inner city, it attempted to sculpt a social space in the centre of the park for the suburb’s diverse, pan-African community.

Working with park users – mostly children and caregivers/parents  – drawings, photographs, writings and puppets were produced which engaged ideas around ‘safety and democracy’ and ‘parenthood’. Brenden Gray developed a set of puppets influenced by African iconography and imagery from Yeoville. Cut into the sheet metal roof, the silhouettes become shadow projections on the ground and sky shapes when viewed from below.