Berlin, Germany
Senate Department for Urban Development Berlin

Collaboratively artist, architects, city planners and students develop ideas for the urban redevelopment of their neighborhood in Berlin-Neukölln. Adjacent to the suburb’s high street lies Karl-Marx-Platz, a neglected square for re-design in 2015. Together with primary school students, we approached the square looking to uncover new urban qualities in Neukölln.

Who does the square belong to? What makes it a great space? Encouraged to imagine the square as a room and the city as a house, students from the Rixdorfer Grundschule conceived the Karl-Marx-Platz as a space cleared for alternative use with new furniture and form. Playfully they re-enacted their ideas on the square negotiating how and where differing scenarios could happen simultaneously. A joint future scenario in form of a 360º panorama in peep boxes presented the children’s ideas and wishes for the redesign of Karl-Marx-Platz.

This project is part of a workshop series hosted by Young Arts NK and Cultural Network Neukölln and funded by Senate for Urban Development Berlin and Aktion KMS!.