Istanbul Palimpsest

'Urban Realities: Focus Istanbul'
Walter-Gropius-Bau, Berlin
Master Thesis, Technical University Berlin
Prof. Wouter Vanstiphout, Jochen Becker

Istanbul Palimpsest explored planned and barely regulated processes of city building in Istanbul since the 1950’s. It developed a future scenario for a large modernist residential area (Ataköy) which starkly contrasts with the unplanned, wildy-sprawling Istanbul. The residents of this area have deliberately retreated from the metropolis to less complex, more manageable living conditions. What happens when the land tenure system changes and reality catches up with these well-ordered conditions? Here micro practices versus real estate market and speculation are seen as key factors in the urban development of Istanbul.
Istanbul Palimpsest suggests micro spatial strategies for Ataköy instigated by different ideas and ideals of its residents that take cognizance of the existing modernist typologies and urban situations.